You’re never too old …

You’re never too old for success or going after what you want. You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


“It’s a little too late”. This is a common phrase used by some people who believe they have lost too much time and will not be able to make the impact they want on their lives, especially financially. This phrase keeps people safe, stopping them from doing anything different than what they’ve been doing for a very long time. As people grow older they become insecure and unhappy, they have many fears and are uncertain about the future. Older people are afraid to take risks and feel like they have everything to lose.

People all over the world have accomplished great things at an old age. Millions have become Millionaires at the age of 60.  Dreams can be realized at any age. The society we live in today is incredibly ageist more especially for women. We believe that success at a young age is to have it all – youth, beauty and lots of money. The reality is we don’t have the same life experiences at different age intervals of our lives. At a young age one never knows exactly what they want and no amount of pressure gets one to do the things that others believe we should be doing.

There are many things you are never too old for. At 60 you can find your heart and soul in food and self love, hear the world speak with you in color and write the book that has forever lived in you. All you need to do is let the passion within you guide you to succeed in everything you want to acquire. We are all born winners regardless of what age we are. Believe in yourself, get busy and make it happen. Spend the rest of your life doing the things that really matter. You are never too old to become better.


Technology & Social Interaction today

When we try to understand the view point of others social interactions can be a good thing. Every one has their own view on things based on their attitude, understanding and previous exposure to the subject matter.Many have argued that social interaction today has become less enjoyable because of technology and more so because others try to change our viewpoint, they want us to see and experience the world in their eyes.

Today technology has changed the way we interact with each other, it has had an impact on what it means to be social. In an society where people have become tech-savvy, where smartphones have taken over and where family and friends have often become geographically separated, it is convenient to keep in touch through technology.

We come from an era where sharing ideas and holding deep conversations about our dreams and day to day life issues with family and friends  was a common occurrence and the world today has become more silent. There are less voices speaking in society and more conversations are held online. Technological advances have caused us to be distracted, overly stressed and increasingly isolated.   Even though technology has the power to help us gain an understanding of other cultures, meet people all over the world, build, maintain and strengthen family relationships and communicate effectively with others, it seemingly is doing the opposite. People sitting together in a room today only share a few words between each other and yet are very socially active on social media platforms online. More conversations today are taking place in cyber space and not in the real world.

Blah blah

Establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships is dependent on us sharing our lives with others. Of course technology has made this a lot easier especially when keeping in touch with friends and relatives who are miles apart from each other, the problem comes when we forget sharing with those that are right next to us. Relationships have been broken and the main culprit cited being mobile phones and many hours spent on social media. The internet is an addictive space, there is a lot to see and a lot to share which takes a lot of time from our hands from doing the most important thing in life – to LIVE and to EXPLORE the planet. We are transforming from spending time with our loved ones and holding meaning conversations with them to living pretentious lives on the internet.

The use of social networking sites has both positive and negative consequences, and in my viewpoint, more negative than good. The question we need to be asking ourselves is, is it possible to go back to a time when we had meaningful and productive interactions with each other?

So Similar yet so different


The Bible teaches us that we are all made in the image of God, the creator of all things. We look similar.Experience however, has taught me that even though we look alike physically, we are different in many ways. We have different choices for instance in food,religion, fashion, we have different aspirations in life, we have different likes and dislikes and we react differently to circumstances that we all come across on a daily basis. We have different thoughts and feelings too. We are so similar but different. These differences separate one human being from the other and makes each person that enters this realm that unique.We continue to show how different we are when others fail to abide by moral standards that society has put in place to ensure that there is order in the world.

There are many perspectives on why we are made this way. In my understanding this difference is as a result of the different roles we have all been assigned to play on earth, that is, each soul that is sent to the planet has an important role to play. This is regardless of whether the role is viewed by mankind as good or evil. I might be wrong here as this is my take on things but allow me to share my opinion on the matter and maybe this might make sense to you as well. Feel free to also tell me what you think on the subject by making your comments after reading. Ever ask yourself why some people are good and others evil? Why others are weak mentally while some are strong? Why others are kind to others and others are mean? Why some people are always curious and concerned about their spiritual self than the physical? There is a divine reason to why this is, one which mankind might not be able to understand.

You and I are not entirely the same because we balance each other out. This is best explained by the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang that argues that contrary forces are interconnected in the natural world. The world would be less interesting if we all were entirely the same in thought, action and feeling. Take a moment and imagine this. All the roles that each and everyone of us play are for the greater good, a much bigger and greater plan that is beyond our imagination. What then is the reason for my blog today? Well, quite simple really! We need to teach ourselves to be less judgmental of others – their choices and how they behave. Let us teach ourselves to accept the next person for who they are and understand that they too were created like you and I – understand that we are so similar and yet so different for a reason. Your neighbors might not be the friendliest of people, that does not make them less important, remember they still are a part of the bigger picture. You also are a part of the bigger picture and together we serve a divine purpose. You might not be the happiest, you might not have the most, regardless of all of this, you are just as important.shutterstock-636752893

It is but a matter of choice

Our day to day living is a constant struggle of choices, the choice to do or not to do. Decision making is a conscious process, we make choices knowing very well the consequences  and whether or not they are beneficial to our lives. From simple choices like brushing your teeth everyday in the morning to choosing whether or not to go to work, making a choice to spend your day getting high on drugs or cleaning up your life after realizing that drugs are poison, a distraction from reality and  a waste of time, resources and life.


So many factors influence the choices that we make daily, factors touching on how sad or happy we are on the day, how clearly we are thinking when making the choice, what time of the day it is, our surroundings at the time of making the choice and more. More often than not, the choices we make affect others around us, more especially the people we love, the very people who depend on us and the people who spend a lot of time with us, be it family or friends. It is for this reason that it’s important that we always strive to make the right choices in life even if making those choices is really really hard.

A lot of people who continuously make the right choices in life seem to live a fulfilling and happy life. They automatically transfer the joy within them to those around them and therefore creating a positive and happy environment. It is not because making the right choices is easy, but because they understand that to gain the greater good, one has to make a few sacrifices, endure a bit of pain to bring forth multiple rewards in the end. Making good choices is a constant challenge that teaches discipline, determination and ambition.

It is true that we do not make the right choices all the time, from time to time we tend to make bad choices, choices that have a negative impact on our lives. These bad choices are a part of everyday life and are meant to make us appreciate the good choices that we have made.  They exist to make us better individuals, to teach us a lesson and help us work harder in life. Every person has a drive to succeed in life and with this drive, people know what is required for them to be successful and this includes making the right choices in life.

Why then do we find it really easy to blame most of our poor choices on everything else but ourselves? We blame the choice we have made to wake up every morning and drink alcohol till sunset on addiction, arguing that we cannot stop because we are addicts. Let me ask you a question? Were you born an addict or is this addiction something you acquired over time because you found comfort in it for one reason or another? Think about it….it is but a matter of choice.

We blame our lack of success as adults on our upbringing, blaming it on our parents for not pushing us harder. Blaming our poor choices on the messy divorce we had to witness between our parents when we were teenagers. We blame our bad choices on the failures of those around us in society, those who were given the responsibility to teach us to be responsible and self sustaining adults. Why is this? We blame our poor choices on lack of self worth and the pain we feel inside caused by others. We wake up the next day and we continue to make bad choices because it is not our own doing and others have to take the blame.

The direction your life takes in this earthly plane is your own choice. It is up to you to waste your life by continually making bad choices or choose to leave a legacy……it is but a matter of choice!

DIVORCE..why it’s so easy

A woman’s dreams of a home with a white picket fence and a loving husband were dashed after her husband saw her for the very time without makeup on their honeymoon. He sued her for fraud,  trauma and physiological suffering in his divorce application. This happened in Algeria in 2015. Presenting his arguments, the man says he was attracted by the beauty of his wife and when she had no make up on, she looked nothing like the woman he married and he wanted nothing to do with her.


There are many cases similar to this one, which have happened, are happening and still to happen in the world, where once those united and in love fight hook line and sinker to be separated from each other.

The question to ask is why is it so easy to divorce?

Getting married to someone is a conscious decision. You take the time and decide because of one reason or the other that you are going to be united as Husband or wife to someone. That is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

People get married for many reason, they have set expectations on how their marriage life will turn out and when the journey takes a totally different turn they quickly throw in the towel and walk the other way. Why is this? A majority of the Human population is self centered and with that “if I don’t get what I want out of it” attitude what’s the point of sticking it out? We must understand that when two people get married the “I” is automatically replaced with “WE” because a marriage is the continued effort of all parties involved. What was once “MINE” is now “OURS”. The person who marries the other out of complete and honest love will understand what I mean here. It is very easy to Share what you have with the one you love than when things are the complete opposite. It is also easy to sacrifice your “SELF” for the benefit of the other party and ensuring that they are always happy with you because you love them. Love is the foundation of all relationships and once lacking a relationship has no chance of thriving at all.

Married couples that love each other always want to spend time with each other, they make time for one another. Sharing your thoughts, ideas, experiences and engaging with your partner keeps the fires burning because you are constantly supporting each other and your interaction with each other is constant. The urge never to hurt, harm or disappoint only exists when you love someone dearly because you can never imagine your life without them in it. It goes back to Sacrificing the “SELF”. The benefits of your sacrifice will ensure you reap more rewards than you can ever imagine and with it comes great joy and satisfaction. Simple sacrifices like Sacrificing your pride, and replace it with humility. If you are a man and reading this I am sure you are asking yourself, isn’t it the role of a woman to submit and love unconditionally? Well yes! you are right! However, many relationships have crumbled and ended in divorce because the man had nothing to offer and all he did was take, take and take until there was nothing left. It is the role of both parties in a marriage to Give to each other to ensure fulfillment and in the long run reap the rewards of a thriving marriage.

When Love is the foundation in a marriage everything beautiful grows out of it and adds on to the relationship – simple things like respect for each other, positive influence and encouragement, sharing, spending time together, sacrifice, growth, passion – it all thrives in an environment full of love from both parties.

Love does not force itself on people but it is something beautiful that comes naturally. Love was given to mankind by the creator because it is meant to bring out everything wonderful in man and make man thrive. But man has a choice and man chooses greed, hate, unforgiveness, envy, too much ambition and these become the foundation of Marriage. A marriage that will last only temporarily.

When two people cross paths and there exists instant chemistry it is because so much has taken place in the physical and spiritual realms combined to bring them together. it is unfortunate we live in a world full of deceit, you never know if the other party is in it for all the right reason or is simply a conman.

Divorce…..why is it so easy? The answer is simple. Because Love no longer exists and the foundation of whatever was being built has crumbled, taking everything with it.

Let love, true love be the foundation of your marriage, Learn to sacrifice the “SELF” and give your all. Don’t give up easily for the person you love, because Love is for ever!

Yours truly…..




The Modern University


We may not agree entirely on what a Modern university is or from which era “Modern” starts and ends. In my understanding modern is not about when a university was established but it touches on a number of factors. One of these factors is advancement in technology and innovation. We have seen society evolve over centuries and life today is advancing faster that we can ever imagine, the more questions we have about our existence, the more answers we find and the geniuses of the world keep finding new ways of making our lives a lot easier.

A modern university is one that understands the need to keep up with the changes around us. The 20th Century is the Digital era, technology rules the world. Why? Because technology improves our daily lives.

The Pride of the Kingdom of Swaziland when it comes to higher education has always been the University of Swaziland. It Boasts of 3 campuses around the country and has helped hundreds of thousands of students attain the necessary skills they need to join the thriving economy of the country and that of the world. Formerly known as the University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, operating jointly with these other states, the University developed into an independent University over time and has seen great improvement.

Writing about the University has reminded me of my years as a student at the university, residing at the Kwaluseni Campus, which I called home for over 3 years. This was back in the early 2000’s. Back then, I thought very highly of the University and I was proud to be enrolled there. Needless to say, I do not hold the same sentiments today, after enrolling for my BA in Journalism and Mass Communication. After so many years since my graduation in 2003, I assumed that there would be notable developments in infrastructure, School equipment (Desks and chairs) as well as administration (Application and registration), technology, services offered by the library and more. The application and registration process at the University of Swaziland is a Long and tedious affair which got me asking, Where the Heck are we? Stuck in the 18th century perhaps where technology is unheard of? I spent my time travelling back and forth the University when I did not receive my acceptance or rejection letter via the Post office at the beginning of the year, in fear of missing a few deadlines set up by the university in the event that I were accepted.  I was not the only applicant who experienced this, we would all sit together in line, patiently waiting to be attended and told the news of whether we were accepted to study at the university or not. When I got the news I was accepted, nothing prepared me for more trips back and forth to the institution and queuing for three days straight to register at the University.   Is this a National University proudly operating in the 20th Century? Would you boldly say it is a modern University? I don’t think so!

Advanced or modern universities today see the need for efficiency and fast service delivery which is why, to ensure ease with application and registration, most universities in the 20th century all over the world have adopted Online services. Examples of these include The Rhodes University and the University of Pretoria in South Africa. The University of Rwanda recently launched online application services in early 2016, to provide a one stop shop for all their students needs. Even a country that is highly perceived as one of the poorest in the world, Zimbabwe, has its Institutions of Higher learning offering online application and registration.

During my frustrations with application and registering, I referred to the whole tedious process on social medias as a “Perfectly Imperfect system” looking at the fact that it has managed to work over centuries and In my thoughts all that one needs to do is to simply be patient, queue diligently and be a winner after about roughly 3 days. I am one of those winners!

This is in fact a plea to the administrators of the University to consider keeping up with the changes in society and adopt technological advancement, where everything is at our fingertips. This would make life a lot easier for the students and the day to day running of the university.

WHY? … Why Not?

an absolutely beautiful read. Be consistent, Work towards your goals and fulfillment.


why-10There are many questions and perhaps many good questions begin with WHY.

Why have I not accomplished my goals and why have you not accomplished yours? Sure I have achieved some of them, but what about the goals where we have moved the goalposts (or in simpler terms we found a good excuse, justifying why the goal was not that important and why it could be moved to later or never) what about them? Why did we set the goal, why was it so important then and why did we really want to accomplish the goal?

The answer is fairly simple and the question we should ask ourselves is ‘why were we not consistent?’ Yes the answer to the question is consistency and then how can you become consistent, remain consistent and have the discipline to stay consistent? Don’t confuse consistency with boring routine, in most instances it’s more about…

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Joy is within you …..

Most often than not, we seek joy from the things around us – Family, a good job, friends, a car, house and even what we deem as success. while we get too engrossed in finding joy in the material things of the world, we forget to look within, the Inner self, where joy truly lives.

Joy is within you and not in the things of the world. Take a closer look within you and see the wonderful creation that you are, embrace it, live it, Be IT.

YOU Are your own joy and you are the joy of the world. Share it with