WHY? … Why Not?

an absolutely beautiful read. Be consistent, Work towards your goals and fulfillment.


why-10There are many questions and perhaps many good questions begin with WHY.

Why have I not accomplished my goals and why have you not accomplished yours? Sure I have achieved some of them, but what about the goals where we have moved the goalposts (or in simpler terms we found a good excuse, justifying why the goal was not that important and why it could be moved to later or never) what about them? Why did we set the goal, why was it so important then and why did we really want to accomplish the goal?

The answer is fairly simple and the question we should ask ourselves is ‘why were we not consistent?’ Yes the answer to the question is consistency and then how can you become consistent, remain consistent and have the discipline to stay consistent? Don’t confuse consistency with boring routine, in most instances it’s more about…

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