DIVORCE..why it’s so easy

A woman’s dreams of a home with a white picket fence and a loving husband were dashed after her husband saw her for the very time without makeup on their honeymoon. He sued her for fraud,  trauma and physiological suffering in his divorce application. This happened in Algeria in 2015. Presenting his arguments, the man says he was attracted by the beauty of his wife and when she had no make up on, she looked nothing like the woman he married and he wanted nothing to do with her.


There are many cases similar to this one, which have happened, are happening and still to happen in the world, where once those united and in love fight hook line and sinker to be separated from each other.

The question to ask is why is it so easy to divorce?

Getting married to someone is a conscious decision. You take the time and decide because of one reason or the other that you are going to be united as Husband or wife to someone. That is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

People get married for many reason, they have set expectations on how their marriage life will turn out and when the journey takes a totally different turn they quickly throw in the towel and walk the other way. Why is this? A majority of the Human population is self centered and with that “if I don’t get what I want out of it” attitude what’s the point of sticking it out? We must understand that when two people get married the “I” is automatically replaced with “WE” because a marriage is the continued effort of all parties involved. What was once “MINE” is now “OURS”. The person who marries the other out of complete and honest love will understand what I mean here. It is very easy to Share what you have with the one you love than when things are the complete opposite. It is also easy to sacrifice your “SELF” for the benefit of the other party and ensuring that they are always happy with you because you love them. Love is the foundation of all relationships and once lacking a relationship has no chance of thriving at all.

Married couples that love each other always want to spend time with each other, they make time for one another. Sharing your thoughts, ideas, experiences and engaging with your partner keeps the fires burning because you are constantly supporting each other and your interaction with each other is constant. The urge never to hurt, harm or disappoint only exists when you love someone dearly because you can never imagine your life without them in it. It goes back to Sacrificing the “SELF”. The benefits of your sacrifice will ensure you reap more rewards than you can ever imagine and with it comes great joy and satisfaction. Simple sacrifices like Sacrificing your pride, and replace it with humility. If you are a man and reading this I am sure you are asking yourself, isn’t it the role of a woman to submit and love unconditionally? Well yes! you are right! However, many relationships have crumbled and ended in divorce because the man had nothing to offer and all he did was take, take and take until there was nothing left. It is the role of both parties in a marriage to Give to each other to ensure fulfillment and in the long run reap the rewards of a thriving marriage.

When Love is the foundation in a marriage everything beautiful grows out of it and adds on to the relationship – simple things like respect for each other, positive influence and encouragement, sharing, spending time together, sacrifice, growth, passion – it all thrives in an environment full of love from both parties.

Love does not force itself on people but it is something beautiful that comes naturally. Love was given to mankind by the creator because it is meant to bring out everything wonderful in man and make man thrive. But man has a choice and man chooses greed, hate, unforgiveness, envy, too much ambition and these become the foundation of Marriage. A marriage that will last only temporarily.

When two people cross paths and there exists instant chemistry it is because so much has taken place in the physical and spiritual realms combined to bring them together. it is unfortunate we live in a world full of deceit, you never know if the other party is in it for all the right reason or is simply a conman.

Divorce…..why is it so easy? The answer is simple. Because Love no longer exists and the foundation of whatever was being built has crumbled, taking everything with it.

Let love, true love be the foundation of your marriage, Learn to sacrifice the “SELF” and give your all. Don’t give up easily for the person you love, because Love is for ever!

Yours truly…..




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