It is but a matter of choice

Our day to day living is a constant struggle of choices, the choice to do or not to do. Decision making is a conscious process, we make choices knowing very well the consequences  and whether or not they are beneficial to our lives. From simple choices like brushing your teeth everyday in the morning to choosing whether or not to go to work, making a choice to spend your day getting high on drugs or cleaning up your life after realizing that drugs are poison, a distraction from reality and  a waste of time, resources and life.


So many factors influence the choices that we make daily, factors touching on how sad or happy we are on the day, how clearly we are thinking when making the choice, what time of the day it is, our surroundings at the time of making the choice and more. More often than not, the choices we make affect others around us, more especially the people we love, the very people who depend on us and the people who spend a lot of time with us, be it family or friends. It is for this reason that it’s important that we always strive to make the right choices in life even if making those choices is really really hard.

A lot of people who continuously make the right choices in life seem to live a fulfilling and happy life. They automatically transfer the joy within them to those around them and therefore creating a positive and happy environment. It is not because making the right choices is easy, but because they understand that to gain the greater good, one has to make a few sacrifices, endure a bit of pain to bring forth multiple rewards in the end. Making good choices is a constant challenge that teaches discipline, determination and ambition.

It is true that we do not make the right choices all the time, from time to time we tend to make bad choices, choices that have a negative impact on our lives. These bad choices are a part of everyday life and are meant to make us appreciate the good choices that we have made.  They exist to make us better individuals, to teach us a lesson and help us work harder in life. Every person has a drive to succeed in life and with this drive, people know what is required for them to be successful and this includes making the right choices in life.

Why then do we find it really easy to blame most of our poor choices on everything else but ourselves? We blame the choice we have made to wake up every morning and drink alcohol till sunset on addiction, arguing that we cannot stop because we are addicts. Let me ask you a question? Were you born an addict or is this addiction something you acquired over time because you found comfort in it for one reason or another? Think about it….it is but a matter of choice.

We blame our lack of success as adults on our upbringing, blaming it on our parents for not pushing us harder. Blaming our poor choices on the messy divorce we had to witness between our parents when we were teenagers. We blame our bad choices on the failures of those around us in society, those who were given the responsibility to teach us to be responsible and self sustaining adults. Why is this? We blame our poor choices on lack of self worth and the pain we feel inside caused by others. We wake up the next day and we continue to make bad choices because it is not our own doing and others have to take the blame.

The direction your life takes in this earthly plane is your own choice. It is up to you to waste your life by continually making bad choices or choose to leave a legacy……it is but a matter of choice!

8 thoughts on “It is but a matter of choice

  1. True… thanks Fi. I believe that in order to make the best choices we need to take the time and make the effort to be as informed as possible. The role of positive motivation cannot be downplayed in this regard. Otherwise ultimately “garbage in will always be garbage out.”

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  2. First and foremost, lovely, attractive blog. My mind always found a way to refocus with every new point. Basically, I was kept interested, thank you.

    I love the blog and completely agree with you in that, no matter the situation ultimately our reactions to any situation and emotion are completely our responsibility. Factors affect our choices, but let’s keep our morals intact and let’s make appropriate, and valuable choices. Let’s keep our power, and be responsible and let our decisions be ours, only!

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  3. One man was an alvoholic and his brother was the complete oposite. They were both asked why and how they turned out the way they did. They both answered, “because I was raised by an alcoholic.”


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  4. One man was an alcoholic and his brother was the complete opposite. They were both asked why and how they turned out the way they did. They both answered, “because I was raised by an alcoholic.”



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