So Similar yet so different


The Bible teaches us that we are all made in the image of God, the creator of all things. We look similar.Experience however, has taught me that even though we look alike physically, we are different in many ways. We have different choices for instance in food,religion, fashion, we have different aspirations in life, we have different likes and dislikes and we react differently to circumstances that we all come across on a daily basis. We have different thoughts and feelings too. We are so similar but different. These differences separate one human being from the other and makes each person that enters this realm that unique.We continue to show how different we are when others fail to abide by moral standards that society has put in place to ensure that there is order in the world.

There are many perspectives on why we are made this way. In my understanding this difference is as a result of the different roles we have all been assigned to play on earth, that is, each soul that is sent to the planet has an important role to play. This is regardless of whether the role is viewed by mankind as good or evil. I might be wrong here as this is my take on things but allow me to share my opinion on the matter and maybe this might make sense to you as well. Feel free to also tell me what you think on the subject by making your comments after reading. Ever ask yourself why some people are good and others evil? Why others are weak mentally while some are strong? Why others are kind to others and others are mean? Why some people are always curious and concerned about their spiritual self than the physical? There is a divine reason to why this is, one which mankind might not be able to understand.

You and I are not entirely the same because we balance each other out. This is best explained by the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang that argues that contrary forces are interconnected in the natural world. The world would be less interesting if we all were entirely the same in thought, action and feeling. Take a moment and imagine this. All the roles that each and everyone of us play are for the greater good, a much bigger and greater plan that is beyond our imagination. What then is the reason for my blog today? Well, quite simple really! We need to teach ourselves to be less judgmental of others – their choices and how they behave. Let us teach ourselves to accept the next person for who they are and understand that they too were created like you and I – understand that we are so similar and yet so different for a reason. Your neighbors might not be the friendliest of people, that does not make them less important, remember they still are a part of the bigger picture. You also are a part of the bigger picture and together we serve a divine purpose. You might not be the happiest, you might not have the most, regardless of all of this, you are just as important.shutterstock-636752893

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